Testimonies of course members

I still find it a great privilege being admitted to participate in this wonderful experiential training. Years ago, studying was an obligation, often something like “couldn’t care less”. Here, “learning” is mere pleasure. The material is very interesting and it gives you a broader view and more opportunities to apply existential understanding in your own life and also in your own counseling practice. Existential well-being in practice!!! I am enthusiastic about the mentors’ open minds. A real “pearl”. (Jo Mattens)

I haven’t thought a single moment about quitting, in spite of my own quite busy professional and family life agenda. So far, I have enjoyed this training enormously, I have learned quite a lot and it has absolutely made me a richer person. As of day 1, I found it a privilege, a unique chance to be admitted to follow this training. It is simply a lovely gift that still gives me pleasure every day.  (Annemie Vandermeulen)

In our society’s bustle and abundance, I feel this course is a permanent invitation to stick to the essentials or to return to these essentials. It is a great privilege, in that context, to be admitted to enjoy the mentors’ beneficial, positive and supporting presence. I really feel this is making me a ‘better’ and more ‘satisfied’ person. (Marijke Merckx)

For anyone who is committed to his soul’s care and that of his fellow-man, anyone who feels part of a larger whole, I can only recommend this course. The contents are absolutely useful in practice and the mentors guide you perfectly. Even though this is an online training, which feels a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, I would gladly do it over. (Nicky Demoitié)