Testimonies of course members

I still find it a great privilege being admitted to participate in this wonderful experiential training. Years ago, studying was an obligation, often something like “couldn’t care less”. Here, “learning” is mere pleasure. The material is very interesting and it gives you a broader view and more opportunities to apply existential understanding in your own life and also in your own counseling practice. Existential well-being in practice!!! I am enthusiastic about the mentors’ open minds. A real “pearl”. (Jo Mattens)

I haven’t thought a single moment about quitting, in spite of my own quite busy professional and family life agenda. I have enjoyed this training enormously, I have learned quite a lot and it has absolutely made me a richer person. As of day 1, I found it a privilege, a unique chance to be admitted to follow this training. It is simply a lovely gift that still gives me pleasure every day.  (Annemie Vandermeulen)

In our society’s bustle and abundance, I feel this course is a permanent invitation to stick to the essentials or to return to these essentials. It is a great privilege, in that context, to be admitted to enjoy the mentors’ beneficial, positive and supporting presence. I really feel this is making me a ‘better’ and more ‘satisfied’ person. (Marijke Merckx)

For anyone who is committed to his soul’s care and that of his fellow-man, anyone who feels part of a larger whole, I can only recommend this course. The contents are absolutely useful in practice and the mentors guide you perfectly. Even though this is an online training, which feels a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, I would gladly do it over. (Nicky Demoitié)

Course Reviews Massive Open Online Course

Sanna Stella: Thank you for this very inspiring, thought-provoking, insightful, and wholesome learning experience. It far exceeded my expectations of what an online course might provide. The course was very well thought through, organized, and inspiring in content. Often it gave me the impetus for further research into a topic beyond the course material. The assignments were relevant, valuable, and provided a wonderful opportunity to gain new insights into myself and my life, as well as learning from others. Being able to share about my learning experiences and thought processes always provided further depth and learning, as writing about it was a very helpful step. The responses by the staff and fellow students provided a safe, empathic environment for sharing at times very personal thoughts and experiences.

Greg Thomas, Associate Professor Education, University of California, Berkeley: This course is outstanding. I’m so grateful to the members of staff who have clearly worked hard to construct an experiential well-being course that can be studied and enjoyed online. The high quality teaching videos allow the knowledge and warmth of individual staff members to be communicated to the student. There are academic papers to be downloaded and studied, all of which are expertly written, but in a way you can understand. There are exercises for you to enjoy and perhaps be challenged by. You’ll learn techniques, and gain understanding that you can utilize throughout your life which will increase your well-being. As you can tell, I enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will too.

Sandra Rahrer: The content of this course is relevant to both professionals and nonprofessionals who wish to increase their sense of well-being. The content is well organized and is amazing for its breadth and depth, its careful construction, and engaging format. The instructors demonstrate good scholarship, in-depth experience in both teaching and therapy, and a professional, yet personal and caring, response to student postings. This course has been life affirming and life changing for me.

J. C. Desai: Rarely does one find such a comprehensive exposure to the balance of physical (material), social, personal (psychological) and spiritual dimensions. This course was challenging for me. It required a lot of careful practice to truly “experience” the ideas presented. The concept of Focusing sharpened as the course progressed. The most significant aspect of the course was a spiritual foundation that supported all other dimensions. Valuable pearls must be held together by a thread to form a rich necklace. The spiritual attitude running across the course has been such an invaluable thread holding the commonly understood valuables of physical, social and personal dimensions. I feel that if my life is treating me great, then I need this course as a foundation to learn everything else in life more effectively. If my life is not treating me well enough, then this course offers practices and pointers that provide a path to an inner source.

Evelien Buyse: This course truly is a masterpiece. I learned a lot, gaining a lot of knowledge, but more crucially, true wisdom was shared. My heart jumped with joy many times through studying it. The course unfolds in a very clever, outstanding way, triggering your curiosity. It is condensed enough, to keep you going (with a lot of hints for further reading, if you like), yet not too condensed, to be subtle and thoughtful enough. The staff is really teaching as they are preaching, or better yet, as they are (authentically) I presume. If you are looking for personal development, framed at a high intellectual level, you are at the right place here.

Jo Stubbe: I cannot compare this course to anything else. An overwhelming source of in-depth and lived knowledge. A joy in attending the videos and role plays. I have taken my time to contemplate and reflect. Posting and receiving feedback went very deep. I thank the staff for this huge investment. I thank the students for their openness and sharing. I take with me that tuning into a calm inner space is the foundation for finding the right rhythm in joining the journey of another person. This course feels like a diamond turning and twinkling.

Conroy Fourie: This is a brilliantly put together MOOC. The quality of the reading material, the instructional videos, the demonstration videos and the exercises and reflections are outstanding. The course exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending it. In fact, in today’s world a course like this is essential as it – as the title implies – helps to build existential well-being. I want to close-off my review by quoting and excerpt from what I wrote in my goodbye discussion post: “Thank you so much to Mia and her team for making this MOOC such a wonderful experience. There are just so much that I learnt, each of the sections had its own treasures, none can be singled out. And thank you to my classmates, I learnt a lot from your wisdom.” When, not if! :), you do the course, savor every part of it – read even the optional material – it is all outstanding – don’t rush it.

Rbammert: I was in an existential crisis myself when I started this course. My Mother had recently died a painful death, and I was struggling with being there for my clients due to my own pain, which caused me to think that I was in the wrong profession… ext…. but this course gave me a lot of great information which help me and my clients. Focusing has been extremely helpful with the teens I mentor. They love it! The feel listened to by me and themselves. It’s been very healing.

Ashakamat: I have come to the end of a very enjoyable experience. I leave with some new valuable skills to face life as it unfolds to reveal whatever it holds. I plan to be more accepting of myself and others. I am determined to listen more and judge less as I listen. I am inspired to go back and read some more on the topics covered in the course. For all these gains I wish to thank Mia Liajssen and the team of staff members and experts and the course participants for their help. It made “my world” a lot bigger for a while – was a really good feeling! I Thank you Leuven University for providing this well-structured , easy to navigate online learning opportunity.

KatKong: This is the longest on-line course I have ever had. As a non-English speaker, I found this course very challenging, yet interesting. Through much hard work, I have managed to come to the end. It is because I have found this course very helpful and informative. I have gained a lot of new insight in existential wellbeing and it helps to change my perspective in seeing things in life. Now I am becoming even more compassionate and empathic and my life is becoming more meaningful.